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Retail - Why Digital Media?

By animating and enhancing a venue to create an emotional atmosphere, digital signage excels at grabbing attention of a target audience and help to influence purchasing decisions.

Studies have revealed that Digital Media improve

Receives ten times the eye contact of static static signage

Generally being, Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness

30% increased store traffic

80% Increased shopping experience

In addition, digital in physical spaces have advantages to:

  • Share brand experience with the viewer or/and the user
  • Tease audience with interactive content
  • Accelerate campaign cycle to allow instant update of content
  • Reduce the costs (Printing, distribution, installation, removal, damage and discarding)

Our in-store digital technology solutions:

  • Content design
  • System Guideline
  • Hardware sourcing
  • Implementation and maintenance
  • Workforce training

We are the Oracle in user experience and customer engagement:

Digital in store becomes a core component of retail strategy. Moving forward from a simple message, innovative technology like interactive appliances engage the user in a process of creating meaningful relationships between him and the products and services. Masutado is the best partner to advice how to provide an expectation to our client's audience.

With our R&D team, we developed in house tailor-made solutions:

  • Interactive projection book
  • Interactive tables and walls
  • Photo booth
  • Pick up solution

Our solutions fit hot, warm, cold spot and all the different sizes:

  • Counter, shop in shop
  • Flagship
  • Store chains
  • Shopping mall
  • Pop up