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Below concepts show some ideas we got to guide you to experiment our knowhow in interactive experience.

Gaming Concept

The interactive concept mixes gaming and visual presentation. User plays golf and by putting the ball inside one of the 3 different holes, it will display an animation to create an interaction between leisure/passion of the user and the brand.We can set gaming concept to display messages, information or to win awards (incentives).

Hide/Show Box

This concept is a Hide/Show Box, when user touches one of the four different screens a product will be uplifted inside the glorifier. We can install a screen on the back or a transparent screen on the front to display some animation, messages and information on products/brand.

3D Holographic Display Boxes

Our programing and designing team can set 3D Holographic Display Boxes. This box highlights object with holographic graphic design. These animations could be special effects, advertising or information.

Capture System

This motion capture system will sense the walker and automatically display animation on LED panels or TV screen/wall. This concept is perfect for retail windows to interact with walkers or for special events to interact with attendees.