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Festival & Public Events - CLICK HERE TO SEE PRODUCT -

Our solutions in entertainment are truly limitless, our creativity will come up with your needs in term of concepts and projects. Don't hesitate to contact us to get our tailor made solutions.

Special event – Product/service launch

Many companies are already using our expertize to digitize their events by offering a unique catalog of services:

  • Promote the brand, company, product and service name through digital and interactive equipments
  • Entertain the visitor with interactive games MCQ
  • Projection of animation or video

Fashion Show

We design and implement tailor-made content to enhance the show's atmosphere and impress the guests with:

  • Projection of image and/or video about the brand, products
  • Interactive backdrop


If you are in event, retail or F&B industry, the first day of opening is the most important and it can't mess up. Here at MASUTADO, our team will advise you on all the digital aspects and offer you the best services to make memorable this moment.

Cocktail and Party

Fancy to add digital solution to your event, MASUTADO proposes services to entertain your guests with animation, games and interactive installations.