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From directory display to event concept design, MASUTADO provides a wide range of solutions attached to hospitality. Our experience over the past years in this sector shows us a 100% satisfaction from our clients.


MASUTADO offers 5 stars solutions to all corners of a Hotel:

  • Lobby
  • Concierge
  • Corridor
  • Lift
  • Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Spa
  • Internal (for communication)

As experts in consulting, our graphic designers and our programmers work on current installations by modernizing, improving and maintaining all the contents. As expert in implementing, MASUTADO work on all or separate corners of your hotel to offer digital installation depending of your needs. Our experience and flexibility in choosing software, hardware and materials allow us to follow our clients requirement first.


Digital application is becoming a must to have in restaurant because of all the benefits it generates:

  • Attract customers through out of restaurant advertising
  • Communicate and entertain clients during the waiting time
  • Menu boards on tablet and/or displays to update or promote a special dish
  • Animate the wall of your restaurant to create a modern atmosphere
  • Promote inside the restaurant

Bar and Coffee shop

Many have a TV in the corner playing a powerpoint rotation of offers, MASUTADO believes that when your client is informed and entertained he will consume more food and beverage. We offer content solution to improve and maintain the different aspect of your screens by customized:

  • Messages that are delivered during appropriate parts of the day
  • Animation of your wall with digital installations
  • Information on food, beverage and any specialties
  • Promote special events

Lounge and Nightclub

From our event organizing background, we propose solutions which fit into the cozy atmosphere of a lounge or the fever of a nightclub:

  • Wall animation through video or image projection
  • Menu boards on tablet for the waitresses
  • Promote special events