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From content updates to tailor made solutions, MASUTADO is your best allies to deliver information in corporate environment.

At the Lobby

The fact is when a visitor is coming inside a building or into an office, his first impression will be done in the Lobby.

Some companies have already put some digital display, however it does not reflect the message that they want to deliver to visitors. With our solutions, MASUTADO works and makes the content enjoyable to the audience with the current panels.

Other companies have an impersonal lobby, thus we can provide all the applications to create an atmosphere to inform and/or entertain the visitors to reduce the perceived waiting time.

In the Office

Keep your employees up to date with HR announcements, company news, information and messages. MASUTADO allows you to communicate internally with our contents solutions and display supports.

Where to find

From updating to installing new equipments, our team will work on the interface with the best software on the market and design a modern directory display to make the way to find clear and easy to use.

Our wayfinding services are perfect for property, shopping mall or big office.


The definition of a showroom is to introduce your products to your corporate accounts and/or your clients, however MASUTADO can put your center into the 21 century through digital applications by enhancing products and services with digital contents and interactive solutions to receive opinions.

The goal is to create a link between your products/services and your clients.

Conference room

Upgrade your meeting room into an interactive and dynamic room with MASUTADO digital solution will improve the productivity and creativity of your team.

Out of the office

For your communication out of your main office, we can spread messages and information based on your corporate strategy. We work with your communication department to create a digital corporate identity through our different solutions and services.


With our digital event consultant experience, we are able to organize digital content at your convenience:

  • Corporate event and Seminars
  • Exhibition
  • Special Events
  • Product/service launch
  • Pop up