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About Masutado

For 10 years, MASUTADO's creative and R&D teams are the specialists in customizing multimedia for physical spaces with extensive experience in out-of-home media, interactive application, internal communication, and public installations.

Client Centered

In MASUTADO, we focus to build long lasting relation with our clients and provide solutions to facilitate them to communicate with their customers, employees and business partners.

Background and international team

With event organizing, retail management, merchandising, programming, graphics, marketing, design, video, music production, our team has a wide understanding of all the different aspects to achieve its client expectations.

Furthermore we mix multicultural people from Europe to Asia and we are able to converse in English, Cantonese, Chinese, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Cost effective

We are here to implement projects in the most cost-effective way. We can source all the different equipments, on-site installation and testing.